3d printed pen

Points Welcomes Additive Pens

Points is proud to welcome Additive Pens

These amazing fountain pens are a union of past and future: these are the world’s first 3D-printed fountain pens! Additive Pens are made in Canada by the Additive Collaboration Project. These stunning, clear pen barrels are 3D-printed and contain a pattern, and the barrel’s pattern takes on the color of your ink - so get ready to show off your favorite ink in one of these gorgeous pens! This is a great new twist on a demonstrator fountain pen: not only are you showing off your ink, you’re also showing off the barrel’s pattern! Points is now stocking the Double Helix and the Ribbon patterns. Want to change your ink? Additive Pens use a proprietary ink-resistant coating to minimize staining, so you may clean your pen and swap ink colors when you’re ready.

All Additive Pens feature a stainless steel #6 JoWo nib. These are eyedropper pens, and come with silicone grease, a syringe for inking your pen, and a use and care guide to get you started. Additive Pens has gone with a laboratory look and feel for their packaging; this seems perfect for this pen! Additive Pens fully guarantees their products and stands behind them, offering repair or replacement if needed.