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Diplomat Aero

If you’re among those who love the look of the Diplomat Aero and you’d like to learn more about it, you’ve come to the right place! Diplomat has been making pens in Germany since 1922. The Aero line was launched in 2012 in commemoration of Diplomat’s 90th anniversary. When introduced, the Aero came in two colors: a dark matte brown, and a matte silver – which of course, represented its inspiration, the zeppelin, perfectly.

The Aero was an instant classic, and quickly became Diplomat’s most sought-after line. In the years since 2012, more colors have been introduced: black was the first to follow, then orange, then the bare Diplomat Factory, and most recently, blue, and red have been added. All of these Aero models are aluminum, and all except the Factory are finished with anodization. The finish has evolved from matte to a smooth and shiny metallic, and Diplomat has taken all the steps needed over the years to perfect the quality of the Aero: the logo, first painted on, is now engraved, and the cap mechanism has been improved for a soft-click closure, as well as secure posting.

The Aero is offered in fountain pen, ballpen, rollerball, and mechanical pencil. Points of Distinction is proud to offer this great line. If you have questions or comments on the Aero line, just let us know!